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Understanding MRI Results

Once you complete your orthopedic MRI test at Imaging Partners of St. Peters, you may be wondering what happens next. How and when will you know what the MRI results say, and how will these results be used to help formulate a treatment plan for you?

Once your MRI is over, a radiologist will read and interpret the test results. At Imaging Partners of St. Peters, we have two radiologists who are orthopedic MRI specialists. The radiologist will fax a complete report of the MRI findings to your orthopedic specialist within 1-2 business days.

Next, your orthopedic doctor will review the results with you during a follow-up appointment. During this time, your doctor will use the MRI results to discuss the next course of action with you, whether it involves surgery, non-surgical treatments, or more testing.

You will have the chance to ask questions about your MRI results, how your diagnosis will impact your long-term health, and the best course of action for you.

Imaging Partners of St. Peters in St. Peters, MO offers high-quality imaging in a convenient St. Charles County location. Make an appointment for your orthopedic MRI today by calling (636) 229-4247, or you can also request an appointment online.

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